FIZE Urology Council

Mission Statement

Become the domain experts on the FIZE kUO and other FIZE devices in hospitals, outpatient settings, nursing homes etc., to facilitate introduction and utilization of these devices in all of these settings, and to lead and perform research on the devices and outcomes related to their clinical use for publication in peer reviewed journals
Urologists are the “domain experts” in any medical setting for the choice, insertion, and maintenance of a Foley catheter for their own patients or as consultants in all other healthcare settings. As such, Urologists can be an important resource to physicians and other healthcare providers, educating them regarding the rationale for and use of the FIZE kUO device, the natural choice to better manage patients with an indwelling Foley catheter. Furthermore, Urologists can play a leading role in performing and publishing or presenting clinical research studies of the FIZE kUO
Therefore, FIZE Medical has established the “FIZE Urology Council” to provide this resource both to FIZE Medical and to the growing list of physicians, nurses and other health care providers who are using the ground-breaking FIZE kUO device to improve the safety and care of their patients. Led by two of the foremost academic and technology minded Urologists in the country, Dr. Neal Shore, and Dr. Steve Kaplan, the FIZE Urology Council will add members throughout the United States, initially, to create a network of support and to perform clinical research studies to continuously increase and improve upon the validation of the FIZE kUO device.
Neal Shore MD, FACS
Medical Director, Carolina Urologic Research Center and Chief Medical Officer, Urology and Surgical Oncology, for GenesisCare, US.
Steven Kaplan MD, FACS
Director of Research & Principal Investigator
Director of the Men's Wellness Program, Mount Sinai Health System and Chair of the American Urological Association Office of Research