Leading precision in fluid management, one drop at a time.

Precise solution

FIZE Smart Sensor™

FIZE Smart Sensor™ is designed to identify urine as it enters the tip of the catheter, enabling precise measurement at microliter resolution.

FIZE Adaptive Drainage System™

FIZE Adaptive Drainage System™ prevents dependent loops in the tubing and acts to resolve blockages in urine flow

Vital Data in Real Time


Prevents urine backflow and stagnation in bladder
FIZE full preconnected disposable kit
Data streamed directly to EMR
Compatible with any Foley catheter
Suitable for any urine volume

Tiny kidneys deserve proactive protection

FIZE kUO Pediatric software provides essential data at any body weight, starting from the smallest neonatal patient
  • FIZE Smart Sensor™ enables accurate monitoring of even the tiniest urine volumes that would otherwise go unnoticed and escape measurement within the tubing
  • Dedicated pediatric software suitable for a wide range of urine output volumes, including extremely low volumes
  • Compatible with any Foley catheter (6 Fr and above)
  • FIZE Pediatric Preconnected Disposable kit aligns with CAUTI prevention standards and is calibrated for low urine mode

Proprietary Technology
ISO 13485 Certified
AMAR Approved
FDA Registered
CE in 2024

Coming soon

Intra abdominal pressure

FIZE kUO urinalysis

AI predictive algorithm for AKI and shock

Approved supplier of leading GPOs