Empowering Clinicians With Real-Time Patient Data

FIZE kUO® provides minute-by-minute, real-time, and continuous urine output data, essential for optimal patient management

The first step in complete fluid management

FIZE Medical’s flagship product, the FIZE kUO platform, brings the precision of digital analytics to ensure that the vital metrics associated with kidney urine output are never overlooked. By eliminating manual measurement, FIZE kUO is empowering clinicians with real time, actionable data at their finger tips.

Enabling Next-Gen AI-Powered Fluid Management

Urine Output (U.O.), one of the six key vital signs driving health status and outcomes in patients is, for the first time, available to physicians to complete the circle of fluid management by providing actionable kidney function data that was never before available

3000001 Patients die of AKI per
year in the US alone
43%2 Of patients with hospital-acquired AKI received an unacceptably delayed diagnosis
$10 billion3 Estimated annual cost of
hospital-acquired AKI to
US healthcare system
10x4 Higher inpatient
mortality rate for
those with AKI

Unprecedented Safety

  • Early prediction of AKI and circulatory shock, allowing for timely treatment and prevention, may help avoid dire patient outcomes. CMS has demonstrated the importance of reducing the impact of AKI through their new measure “Hospital Harm: Acute Kidney Injury”, introduced in 2025 in their Electronic Clinical Quality Improvement (eCQI) program.

Operational Excellence

Saves Nursing Time
Streamlined Catheter Management
Enhanced CAUTI Management

Our Vision

Intervention is started and fluid levels are automatically adjusted according to clinical criteria.
Urine output monitored as soon as it enters the bladder.
Clinicians are alerted to potential imbalance.
FIZE proprietary AI algorithms review the data for any signs of kidney dysfunction.
Data uploads automatically to EMR System.
Urine analysis is conducted within the FIZE bedside monitor.

Imagining 360° fluid management

In-Depth Insights:

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Expert Insights

“According to accumulated clinical data, hospital-acquired AKI is caused by various factors. Despite nurses’ best efforts, it’s hard to optimize every encounter in someone’s hospital stay. This is why it is highly beneficial to have an accurate detection system, such as the FIZE kUO, to start AKI treatment as soon as it’s needed.”

Barbara Strain

Automatic, independent, precise, and timely measurement of urine output is crucial for effective monitoring of the critically ill patient. It guides our treatment strategies, informs our interventions, and ultimately impacts patient outcomes.

Prof. Moti Klein
Head of Intensive Care at Soroka University MC

FIZE kUO is a prime example of how technology can help us. Not only can it improve patient outcomes, but it saves nurses’ time. When nurses realize they don’t need to touch the urine collection bag or the urinometer as much as before, preventing infection… it becomes a no-brainer to use it.

Susan Dirkes

Awarded supplier of leading GPOs


ASE Direct, Inc. Receives Innovative Technology Contract from Vizient for FIZE kUO

ASE Direct, Inc. Receives Innovative Technology Contract from Vizient for FIZE kUO

FIZE Medical Awarded Single Supplier Status at Clalit Health Services

FIZE Medical, a pioneer in transforming the standard of care for critically ill patients including pediatrics is proud to announce it has been awarded a single supplier status by Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest HMO

FIZE Medical Named as Premier Contracted Single Supplier in its Category Through Premier’s Kiindo™ Alliance

FIZE Medical's patented device, FIZE kUO, offers continuous digital monitoring of kidney urine output with unprecedented accuracy in patients of all ages, including pediatrics. This cutting-edge technology empowers healthcare professionals to detect kidney function deterioration early on, enabling prompt intervention and customized treatment plans.