Accessibility Statement

FIZE MEDICAL Ltd., is committed to making our organization and website accessible to people with disabilities in order to promote equal rights and transparency for individuals with disabilities.

The Essence of an Accessible Website

An accessible website allows people with disabilities to browse with the same efficiency and enjoyment as other users. It achieves this by utilizing the system’s capabilities and employing assistive technologies to enhance accessibility.

Implementing Accessibility Adjustments on the Website

The website supports the use of assistive technologies, such as text size increasing and decreasing, grayscale, readable fonts, links underline, high contrast, and other accessibility tools.

Best Practices for Website Accessibility

For optimal accessibility on this website, we recommend using popular browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, Lynx, Edge, or Chrome, along with screen reader software such as NVDA, Jaws, or Voiceover.

Contact Methods for Accessibility Requests, Issues, and Improvement Suggestions:

If you encounter accessibility issues on the website or need assistance, please contact our organization’s accessibility coordinator:

  • Name of Accessibility Coordinator – Inna Efrati
  • Mailing Address – HaSdera HaMerkazit 15, Ligad Center 1, Modiin, Israel, 7173002
  • Email address of Accessibility Coordinator –

Last updated: June 2024