FIZE Medical Awarded Single Supplier Status at Clalit Health Services


FIZE Medical, a pioneer in transforming the standard of care for critically ill patients including pediatrics is proud to announce it has been awarded a single supplier status by Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest HMO operator of 14 public hospitals across the country and provider of medical services more than 52% of the Israeli population.

The agreement secures FIZE Medical position as the only supplier for digitized urine output management solutions within the Clalit network and opens up a fast lane for Clalit hospitals and clinics which have decided to implement this life-saving technology innovation in their ICU.  The Soroka Medical Center (Soroka) Israel’s leading hospital in the southern region is the first Clalit hospital to implement FIZE kUO in critical care units under this agreement.

FIZE Medical’s patented device, FIZE kUO, offers constant digital monitoring of urine output with unprecedented accuracy in patients of all ages, including pediatrics. This cutting-edge technology empowers healthcare professionals to identify potential health issues early on, enabling prompt intervention and customized treatment plans.

“Partnering with Clalit is a major milestone as it gives us an opportunity to service over 50% of the Israeli population and make a substantial impact on patient outcomes in our homeland. We are excited to work with the fantastic ICU team at Soroka, whom we know well from our pilot days, and look forward to entering additional Clalit hospitals very soon.” says Dror Zerem CEO of FIZE Medical.