FIZE marks first collaboration with Clalit Health Sericves HMO


FIZE Medical is thrilled to announce a landmark collaboration with Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). This partnership marks the integration of the FIZE kUO digital kidney urine output monitoring platform into the standard of care at Soroka Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit, setting a new precedent in patient care quality and efficiency. Soroka Medical Center, being the second-largest hospital in Israel and the sole tertiary medical center in Southern Israel, is now at the forefront of digital healthcare innovation. The adoption of FIZE kUO in its ICU represents a significant leap forward in patient monitoring, offering medical staff accurate, continuous, and real-time data critical for evidence-based decision-making. This collaboration not only signifies a major milestone for FIZE Medical but also underscores our shared commitment with Clalit Health Services to enhancing patient outcomes through cutting-edge technology. The FIZE kUO system’s ability to provide precise and personalized monitoring aligns perfectly with the modern healthcare demands of efficiency, safety, and patient-centered care. “We are honored to partner with Clalit Health Services and to be part of the exceptional care provided at Soroka Medical Center. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of harnessing technology to improve patient care and to our commitment to innovation in healthcare,” remarks FIZE CEO, Dror Zerem.