FIZE awarded Ministry of Economy and Industry grant


FIZE Medical is excited to share that they were awarded a prestigious grant by the Ministry of Economy and Industry. This grant signifies a remarkable vote of confidence in FIZE Medical’s innovative approach to healthcare technology, specifically in advancing kidney care with our pioneering FIZE kUO digital kidney urine output monitoring platform. The grant was awarded after a thorough and competitive evaluation process, including a comprehensive on-site audit by the Ministry. This rigorous scrutiny underscores the innovative potential and the high impact that FIZE kUO is poised to make in the healthcare sector, particularly in improving patient outcomes through advanced digital analytics in urine output monitoring. Entering its third year, our ongoing collaboration with the Israel Innovation Authority reflects their continued trust in our work and commitment to groundbreaking healthcare solutions. This sustained partnership and the recent grant further empower FIZE Medical to push the boundaries of medical technology, making ‘every drop count’ in kidney care more than just a motto but a tangible reality for patients and clinicians alike. “We are profoundly grateful for this recognition and support from the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Israel Innovation Authority. This grant not only fuels our mission but also reinforces our commitment to revolutionizing kidney care, ensuring that critical patients receive the most precise and personalized care possible,” says Dror Zerem CEO of FIZE Medical, celebrating this significant achievement and the hard work of everyone involved.