Meet the Team Corner


About me
I joined FIZE Medical in August 2022 as an implementation specialist in FIZE’s commercial team. In my spare time, I love to mountain hike, and have been to some very special places including Mount Blanc, Everest base camp, Peruvian mountains, Alta via 2 and Iceland.

What I do at FIZE
As an implementation specialist, I’m in charge of training medical teams on optimizing their use of the FIZE kUO device in their units. My job is to provide ongoing support to nurses in hospital units which use our device, making they are familiar with all capabilities & features, and most importantly that they understand how the continuous real-time data they now have in their hands allows them to act quickly, and improve patient care and outcomes. Regardless of geography, demography or any other factor, AKI is a major concern in any ICU, so being there to introduce a new tool that helps prevent AKI is extremely rewarding.

My biggest challenge
From a user’s perspective, the FIZE kUO is actually a very simple device to implement – it has a very intuitive interface and nurses are thrilled to use it, especially when they realize this means no more handling urine bags or worrying about making time for hourly urine output readings. The bigger challenge is changing the mindset, as most people don’t realize that urine output (UO) is an important vital sign, one that can give an early indication of patient deterioration and pre-shock conditions. Perhaps it’s because the way it was measured and monitored before gave such little information on what’s going on with the patient in real time, that it was hard to think of it as vital.