FIZE Medical Named as Premier Contracted Single Supplier in its Category Through Premier’s Kiindo™ Alliance


FIZE Medical, a pioneer in transforming the standard of care for critically ill patients including pediatrics is proud to announce it has been named a Premier Contracted Supplier through Premier’s Kiindo™ Alliance, a pediatric-focused collaborative and purchasing alliance launched to help improve costs, quality and outcomes for U.S. children’s hospitals. Becoming a Contracted Supplier through this important initiative will assure children’s hospitals that are part of the alliance have access to FIZE kUO, the only digital solution for urine output and fluid management suitable for pediatrics.

FIZE Medical’s patented device, FIZE kUO, offers continuous digital monitoring of kidney urine output with unprecedented accuracy in patients of all ages, including pediatrics. This cutting-edge technology empowers healthcare professionals to detect kidney function deterioration early on, enabling prompt intervention and customized treatment plans.

Kiindo™ provides a dedicated channel and opportunities for member best practices and co-developed innovations, including the launch, scale and commercialization of new products, technologies, and services that can improve pediatric care. The program leverages the collective buying power of pediatric providers to develop and sustain a leading contract portfolio specifically focused on the unique needs of children’s hospitals.

“Joining the Kiindo™ Alliance opens the doors for FIZE Medical to introduce a new standard of care to the youngest of patients. By doing we are one step closer to achieving our mission to make a substantial impact on patient outcomes, and we couldn’t be more pleased than to improve pediatric care so that all children can enjoy a long and healthy life.” says Dror Zerem CEO of FIZE Medical.